AS019: Duo Semper – Luo

Out on: Am Strand


Luo (Original Mix)

Luo (Original Mix)

Duo Semper

Luo (Alborythme Remix)

Luo (Alborythme Remix)

Alborythme, Duo Semper

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Am Strand Records presents the 18th Release: Duo Semper – Luo.

Duo Semper ex Play-on invites you to discover their new horizon.
A work and a common passion that give energetic and melodious achievements to escape and dance under the sun at the zenith.

Their second EP on the label includes one original track: Luo, and one remix made by the Belgian duo “Alborythme”.

Both tracks are excellent melodic and powerful tracks that will help you keep your dance floor full!


Release: AS019

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