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Born in 1978 in Belgium, he start  listening to rap and hip-hop influenced from an early age by his two sisters, very fast electronic music makes its appearance, he knew that it would be an integral part of its life.

The electronic music is the passion of his whole life, and Orphéon shares it since more than  20 years.He  crossed ages and met a lot of people which influenced him in the music throughout his DJ’s life.

Organizing evenings with friends when he was 15 years old, he continues his rise in this area that he particularly likes, the gathering of genres and styles through music becomes a universal sharing.

With the evolution of technology , today Vinyl disappears to give way to the digital, but Orpheon does not leave its origins, it always uses its two Technics and combines the two technologies to make us memorable sets, mixing Minimal , Dub-Techno, Tech-house and Techno …

He went through all styles, he dares a tip of retro from time to time in his set but he prefers to follow the musical news …

He is part of the PLAY-ON Duo, better known as MONSIEUR AND MADAME PRAYON, Ex-resident of the famous VISION ROOM BELGIUM concept from 2013 to 2015, he is now organizer and resident of the new concept MADE IN … but always in duet with his companion under the pseudo PLAY-ON.

He released his first track “ARGIOPE” on the double compilation  of the label “KLANGWERK”




Email orpheon@outlook.com

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