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NICKO before under the name NICK FERRERA, O’JAYS, 39 years old is a DJ who was built in the 90s. A real passionate music in the soul and tripe since his youngest age.

A difficult childhood and a teenager drowning in hard drugs. Fortunately, he has been out for 15 years. A beginning of life course for the least Uncategorized and which certainly allowed him to forge an artistic personality!

Cash and sincere, direct and honest at the same time. He is an artist who does not cheat with his audience.

He has an experience, is not in the simili … and it feels in his productions.

His music is imbued with a beautiful melodic and effective energy, which makes you travel to the depths of your emotions, music that can also be powerful, more supported, more framed and rhythmic when he plays techno. DJ since 1993 and analog composer of 97 at the beginning of 2000. He devoted himself exclusively to the Mix around 2002 and recomposed since 2017 in his home studio but also in professional studios such as Yello Sub Studio in Brussels …
He signs a beautiful Ep at Black Beards Records released on October 26, 2018 (STORM AT THE BLUE BAY) supporter and dowload by LAURENT GARNIER / DR MOTTE / PAUL OAKENFOLD / TAUCHER / COLIN DALE / FRANK ZOLEX / FABIANN / RICHIE HAWTIN / DIMI COOMAN etc. …

February 2019 he joins AZTECH MUSIC for L’EP -ORION and AMSTRAND records for his EP ADRIATIC release in 2019.
He also signs a new EP at Black Beards Records “MYSTERIOUS CONSCIOUSNESS” release scheduled for May 2019.
he played with the big names of the Belgian scene and are for some friends.
he will play at Cherry Moon several times in a row at Bocca (Boccacio) and many other Belgian parties, festivals and clubs.
He organized some evening concepts in the past.
NICKO is someone who works hard to realize his dream and does not let go to achieve what he is convinced to be at the bottom of himself a DJ-Producer.

His productions are focused on: Melodic Techno / Melodic House / Deep House / Techno.
* VINYLS LOVERS ** Digital *
Contact: housefactorycontact@gmail.com
At the moment:
a project of creation of label is in talks.
2019 is the year he wants to make his mark as Producer and DJ in a second time.
His goal being as much to be Booker to play mainly his Music he is well aware that it will go through the production above all.


Agency Am Strand A.R

Email housefactorycontact@gmail.com


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